When it comes to Social Security decisions, it is not uncommon to wait months or even years. 

Most Social Security decisions can be made in about three or four months, but even a small mistake can lead to big delays. If you are worried about the amount of time it takes for the SSA to come up with a decision about your disability application, you’ve come to the right place. In our latest blog, our disability attorney in Louisville went over a couple of options to expedite the process. Here are the last few options that can help to speed up the process:

#5. Terminal Illness

TERI is a Social Security program that allows for expedited application processes for individuals who have a terminal illness or an illness that is most often terminal. If you meet each of the non-medical qualifications for Social Security disability and you also have a terminal illness, you should be entitled to get your benefits much more quickly.

#6. Presumptive Disability 

There are currently fifteen different conditions, including ALS, end stage renal disease and Down Syndrome, that make you eligible for Presumptive Disability. This program allows you to receive your benefits for up to six months while your case is still being processed.

#7. Dire Need

If you have a dire need, which is defined as an immediate threat to your safety or health, you may be able to move up your ALJ hearing. If you don’t have enough money for shelter, food or medical care, write a letter to your local ODAR office explaining your situation and asking for your hearing to be scheduled sooner.

If none of the programs we’ve gone over apply to you, you can also try calling or writing your local legislator’s office about your case. Contact us today to learn more.