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What are the Courts Doing About Covid-19 and How Will This Affect Social Security Cases?

These are unprecedented times. All of us are affected by the outbreak of this virus in some way. But it has to be particularly on you, who are already challenged. What is the court's approach to Covid-19 Coronavirus? This article is an overview from what we've heard about how the court is dealing with Covid-19.

What are the Courts Doing About Covid-19 and How Will This Affect Social Security Cases?2020-03-22T16:43:33+00:00

Trinity High School Still Serving Meals to Children

We have received the following update from JCPS on the availability of children’s meals. We would like to highlight that meals are available for ALL children 18 and under. JCPS Nutrition Services began distributing free breakfast and lunch yesterday to ALL children 18 and under as well as all JCPS students over age 18. JCPS

Trinity High School Still Serving Meals to Children2020-03-18T23:49:48+00:00

Sullivan Law Helping Get Social Security Benefits While Government is Working Remotely

Thoughts from Mr. Sullivan on the corona virus: "At this point, the virus has spread, and people want answers… Fear is not uncommon, in fact it is normal. Sadly, nobody is alive from the 1918 flu epidemic. The people we would ask have long since passed. So who can we ask who has lived through

Sullivan Law Helping Get Social Security Benefits While Government is Working Remotely2020-03-18T23:45:25+00:00

Social Security Attorney – Louisville

Social Security Lawyer Louisville Getting your social security can be a lot harder than most people think! Most of us think we'll just fill out the forms and then we'll have it. But more people are denied than receive Social Security even when they legitimately need it and are deserving in every way. We work

Social Security Attorney – Louisville2019-10-11T00:19:17+00:00

Social Security Disability Lawyer

Social Security Lawyer Louisville For over 25 years we've been helping good folks get their disability insurance. Whether you were denied for private insurance that you or your employer was paying for, or social security has denied you, getting through the system can be complex. And you are probably feeling a lot of emotions right

Social Security Disability Lawyer2019-10-10T23:47:44+00:00

Louisville Social Security Attorney

Social Security Lawyer Louisville Helping people who need their Social Security Disability benefits all these 25 years has been an honor. We also help good folks get private disability insurance when clients have been wrongly cut-off or denied. Thunder Over Louisville Here at Sullivan Law Offices in Louisville we like to get out and have

Louisville Social Security Attorney2019-10-10T23:41:15+00:00

Social Security Lawyer – Louisville

Social Security Lawyer Louisville We work every day helping good people get Social Security Disability benefits. Also we help get private disability insurance to pay when our clients have been denied or wrongly cut-off. Thunder Over Louisville Sometimes it's great to get out into the community here in Louisville, Kentucky and have some fun! This

Social Security Lawyer – Louisville2019-10-10T23:42:34+00:00

Social Security Disability Insurance – Top 3 Reasons for Denial

Getting Your Social Security Disability Insurance Can Be Difficult Getting Social Security disability insurance can be difficult. The system denies more people than we'd like to imagine considering you have paid into that system your whole life. Trying to prove your disabled can sometimes be very tricky. Even what your doctor says on the

Social Security Disability Insurance – Top 3 Reasons for Denial2019-01-24T21:40:35+00:00

Disability Benefits & Vocational Adjustments

Social Security Disability in KentuckyWhen you need a lawyer you're probably nearing your wit's end. We have helped people going through this process for over 25 years. Here are some things you might need to know:A qualified attorney provides a secondary source of contact on behalf of an applicant for disability benefits. The retention of

Disability Benefits & Vocational Adjustments2019-05-23T18:47:21+00:00