Of the utmost importance to almost every disability applicant is the knowledge and experience that a qualified disability attorney may provide to help obtain approval of an application for disability benefits. Otherwise, any lack of understanding of the rules and regulations involved with a disability application may cause a denial of benefits. Better to know all of your options and proceed accordingly!

To be eligible for disability benefits, applicants must meet two earnings tests. One is a recent work test, based on the age of the applicant at the time that the disability occurs; and the second is a test based on the duration of work to establish that the applicant worked a sufficient length to meet SSA requirements.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) bases the rules in this table on the calendar quarter in which the applicant turned or will turn a certain age. The calendar quarters are:

First Quarter: January 1 through March 31

Second Quarter: April 1 through June 30

Third Quarter: July 1 through September 30

Fourth Quarter: October 1 through December 31

For individuals who become disabled in or before the quarter, they turn age 24, 1.5 years of work is needed during the three-year period ending with the quarter that the disability began. This is a complicated assessment. An experienced disability attorney can help make it.

For individuals who become disabled in the quarter after turning age 24 but before the quarter they turn age 31, then they must have worked during half of the time for the period beginning with the quarter after turning 21 and ending with the quarter that the disability began.

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