Notices are one of the main ways that the Social Security Administration (SSA) communicates with Americans. It uses notices to inform applicants and beneficiaries of its decisions, as well as claimants’ rights and responsibilities. Perhaps most importantly, it uses notices to explain options and alternatives in case claimants want to appeal an unfavorable decision. Notices may be used to request information, documentation, or that a claimant must contact the agency by phone or in person.

It is of the utmost important that disability applicants and beneficiaries read every notice that they receive from any federal or state government agency related to their claim for Social Security disability benefits. Failure to comprehend the meaning and importance of these notices may prove fatal to an already-approved or pending claim for benefits. The SSA will send a notice before any change is made to eligibility for a claim or the amount of a benefit.

Social Security notices typically include a heading that always includes the agency name and usually the name of the Social Security program. It also lists what type of notice it is, such as Notice of Change in Payment. It will, of course, also list a Social Security telephone number and the address or the notice recipient’s local office. Most notices are available in Spanish and those that are not, normally include a cover letter in Spanish offering translation services at a local Social Security office.

A notice typically relates to the benefit status or benefit amount of a claim. Basically, the SSA sends a notice to report any activity in a case. Thus, the purpose of a notice may be to report any future action to be taken by the SSA. It may also report a decision regarding eligibility for benefits and the underlying reason for such decision.

Information related to any change in benefit status or payment amount and the starting date of such change will be contained in a notice. Information as to what action that may be taken by an applicant in case he or she disagrees with a decision will be contained in a notice. A notice will always provide contact information. Each time some change in a beneficiary’s living arrangement, income or resources affects the amount of benefits, the SSA will send a notice of any changes in this amount.

Contact our office if you do not understand a notice. Make sure to have the notice available when you contact us. We will explain the letter and your responsibilities. If you misplace a notice sent by the SSA or DDS before you have read or responded to it, contact the SSA or DDS. Do not ignore a notice from the Social Security Administration or Kentucky Disability Determination Services under any circumstances. If you do, you may lose benefits or other valuable and important rights.

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About Notices From The Social Security Administration