The Sullivan Law Office focuses on the fact that every application for social security benefits is uniquely different from each and every other application. Applicants should understand every necessary detail related to eligibility for benefits before they file an application and the Social Security Administration (SSA) approves or disapproves it. The Sullivan Law Office may provide invaluable assistance overcoming the difficult obstacle of proving that a medical condition rises to the level of a disability to gain approval for benefits.

Social Security primarily establishes eligibility for disability benefits under a listed impairment or medical condition with potentially disabling conditions listed in the Bluebook, a manual for evaluating medical conditions using guidelines pre-established by the SSA. If the SSA finds that an applicant’s severe impairment doesn’t match an official Blue Book impairment listing, it may not make a final determination that rejects an application for disability benefits. Instead, it must consider whether an applicant qualifies for benefits through a medical-vocational allowance.

Thus, the process continues and an application for disability benefits may yet be approved by the SSA. The representation of a disability attorney is vital at this stage (if not prior) to ensure that a claim has the best chance of success. Especially, if no impairment is established under the listings as Social Security then examines the effect of an impairment on the applicant’s capacity to perform daily activities and to function on the job.

In the case of a medical vocational allowance, the examiner reviews the medical records, determines the claimant’s physical and mental functional limitations, and then concludes whether or not he or she retains the ability to return to their past job. The SSA’s grid of vocational rules determines whether an applicant will be deemed eligible for disability benefits on the basis of a medical-vocational allowance.

The vocational rules consider the applicant’s residual functional capacity (RFC), age, education, and job skills. Thus, if a medical condition causes severe enough impairment to prevent an applicant from maintaining gainful employment but does not meet the listing of any of the conditions that appear in the SSA’s Bluebook, eligibility for disability benefits may yet be found under a “medical vocational allowance”.

Most claims don’t meet the requirements of a listing in the impairment listings manual but some may receive approval based on a medical-vocational allowance. Thus, there may be a solution to eligibility issues and problems related to meeting the requirements for a listed impairment. The Sullivan Law Office provides assistance in ensuring that all applicants and recipients receive all of the benefits to which they are entitled in all types of disability cases. These include Social Security Disability, long-term disability, short-term disability, state retirement and workers’ compensation. Contact the Sullivan Law Office today. We offer free consultations, so you have absolutely nothing to lose! We look forward to hearing from you. Call 888-587-0228 or visit us online.A Medical Vocational Allowance May Be The Answer