We take great pride in the legal research skills of our attorneys. Whether it is staying focused on the changes and trends in federal or state law, the attorneys at the Sullivan Law Office stay informed, especially as the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, which has jurisdiction over federal appeals arising from our home state, Kentucky, as well as Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee.

In recent news, Federal Judge Damon J. Keith, 94, currently celebrating his fortieth year of service on the Sixth Circuit, will be the subject of a forthcoming documentary Walk With Me: The Trials of Damon J. Keith. Judge Keith has served on the bench since 1967. The new documentary examines Judge Keith’s work, not only as a judge but as a civil rights leader.

Judge Keith is not without prior notoriety. The case, known as “the Keith Case,” involves a Supreme Court ruling that the government is required to obtain a warrant before engaging in any wiretapping surveillance. In the case, Judge Keith ordered President Nixon’s attorney general to surrender transcripts obtained through wiretaps obtained without warrants.

In 2016, Judge Keith strongly dissented to a Sixth Circuit ruling upholding Ohio’s restrictions on in-person and absentee voting, which he alleged disenfranchised minority voters. Some legal observers and scholars considered it “the most important voting rights dissent in recent history.”

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